Config Items

How config items are configured in AdvancedPlugins
All AdvancedPlugins use similar item configuration format. You can follow this guide to configure your items.
  • type - item's material
  • advanced-heads - custom head's id (AdvancedHeads plugin)
  • id - item's durability
  • amount - item's amount
  • name - item's custom name
  • lore - item's custom lore
  • item-flags - list of item flags applied to items
  • custom-model-data - item's custom model data for custom textures
  • force-glow - set whether item should glow or not
  • enchantments - list of enchantments applied to item
  • custom-enchantments - list of custom enchantments *present in AdvancedEnchantments only
  • rgb-color - item's color (applyable for colored leather armor)
  • nbt - set item's custom nbt (json format) *present in AdvancedTrades only
Example of all settings in effect:
amount: 1
name: '&cCustom chestplate'
- '&dExclusive from &dVillagers'
- 'Protection:20'
- 'Unbreaking:2'
- 'glow:1'
custom-model-data: 1
force-glow: false
rgb-color: 255;0;0
nbt: '{CanDestroy:["minecraft:diamond_ore"],CustomNBTData:"test:true"}'