Variables are placeholders for dynamic data in Ability configurations. They allow for more flexibility and customization in Abilities.


To use a variable, simply include it in an Ability configuration with the % symbol surrounding it. For example:

- "MESSAGE: The attacker's name is %attacker name%"

Available Variables


%attacker name%

The name of the entity that initiated an Ability.

%victim name%

The name of the entity that was targeted by an Ability.

%block type%

The type of the block that was targeted by an Ability.

%system time%

The current system time, in milliseconds.


Amount of exp that was dropped in trigger event

%player name%

Main entity's name


Damage dealt (after armor etc)

%raw damage%

Raw damage dealt (before armor etc)

%damage cause%

Cause of damage


Last <random> number

%is removed%

Whether the effect is being removed. Is used mostly on triggers like EFFECT_STATIC, HELD etc.

%potion type%, %is extended%, %is upgraded%

From BREW_POTION trigger, passes data on potion. Potion types:

Plugin-specific variables:




Level of enchantment

%souls on item%

Amount of souls in item

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