Setting up and using Variables

The core of actions is the variable system. The basis of this system is that it is a filter. If the variable is set to none, there is no filter. If it is set, if whatever the variable is entered as when a user performs an action matches the variable, it will progress.

Recently, we've also added sub variables which can make this system a bit more confusing. Here are some examples for different action types with and without sub variables.

Every action has the global sub variables listed below:

  root: none
    item: diamond_sword:0
    name: 'IDK some name'
    amount: 1

Every sub-variable is optional. If you don't specify it, it won't be filtered for. Therefore, you can just use holding.item if you wish, or just holding.amount.

Examples Without Sub-Variables:

The following two actions function in the same manner, they're just two ways of formatting them.


  root: stone:0


variable: stone:0

Some more random examples: throw-projectile

variable: SNOWBALL

Examples With Sub-Variables:


  root: diamond_block:0
    item: golden_pickaxe:0


  root: SOUL_SPEED
  item: diamond_sword
  level: 3

This action is to enchant an item with soul speed 3 using an anvil.

Examples With Multiple Variables:


variable: diamond_block:0 OR gold_block:0 OR iron_block:0
//This will progress the action if any of the blocks listed above is mined.


variable: stone:0 OR cobblestone:0 OR gravel:0
//This will progress the quest if any of the blocks listed above is placed.

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